Entwurf – Gödel Award 2021

Press release

The Kurt Gödel Circle of Friends Berlin with the support of the University of Wuppertal
presented for the second time the

Kurt Gödel Award 2021

for the promotion and dissemination of Gödel’s work
in the natural sciences and humanities.

The decision of the jury:


The 1st prize of 10,000 €
for the best answer to the question: What does it mean for our world view if, according to Gödel, we also assume the non-existence of time?

goes to Prof. Reinhard Kahle for his essay:

Die philosophische Bedeutung des Gödel-Universums


The 2nd prize of 1,000 €
goes to Prof. Dr. Claus Kiefer for his essay:

Was bedeutet es für unser Weltbild, wenn wir mit Gödel die Nichtexistenz der Zeit annehmen?


The 2rd prize of 1,000 €
goes to
Bartosz Wesół for his essay:

Without time, the world becomes Leibnizian


The 2th prize of 1,000 €
goes to
Michał Pawłowski for his essay:

Self or the world


The 2th prize of 1,000 €
goes to
Thorben Alles for his essay:

Über philosophische Konsequenzen der Unmöglichkeit einer objektiven Bestimmung von Veränderung – im Anschluss an Kurt Gödel


The 2th prize of 1,000 €
goes to 
Tim Lethen for his essay:

How much Time does a logical Inference take?

All essays are copyright protected and may only be used with the permission of the respective authors. Only for these six essays do we have the copyrights for the internet. If you want to contact the authors you may use the e-mail addesse in the link to the author.

The jury introduces itself here.
The decisions of the jury of the Kurt Gödel Prize are final. Legal recourse is excluded.


Kurt Gödel Freundeskreis, c/o Hans Schwarzlow, Arenholzsteig 3, 12103 Berlin, www.kurtgoedel.de

For requests by the press about the award, please contact
Hans Schwarzlow: schwarzlow[ät]t-online.de or Oliver Passon: passon[ät]uni-wuppertal.de