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  • The Kurt Gödel Research Centre for mathematical logic at the University of Vienna:
  • Kurt Gödel Research Centre: The ‘Philosophical Remarks’ of Kurt Gödel at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences. The Kurt Gödel Research Centre is producing for the first time a complete edition of his ‘Philosophical Remarks’. The Centre is thus opening up for study a philosophical reflection that redefines the relation between philosophy and science:
by Meinard Kuhlmann in Spektrum 7/2014

Since 2012 Prof. Meinard Kuhlmann has been the spokesman of the society “The Philosophy of Physics” of the “Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft” (German Society for Physics).

The Temporalization of Time in Modern Philosophy
by Mike Sandbothe published in Time in Modern Intellectual Thought, 1999
On the small “spectral gap”, whose mathematical problems are proved to be unsolvable:

Other works by Kurt Gödel: