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About us

The Kurt Goedel circle of friends was established in September 2016 in Berlin. The aim is to make the scientific work of the logician, mathematician and philosopher available to a broader public and to renew the discussion. Particularly Goedel’s calculations of Einstein’s theory of relativity and the consequences thereof in terms of the concept of time; There is no „time“, „World without past“ – should be the basis for our discussion.

Goedel’s findings are interesting not only for physicists and mathematicians. They continue much further and also stimulate thinking about basic philosophical questions such as the the relationship between body and soul, the temporal structure of the individual consciousness, etc.

The Kurt Goedel circle of friends therefore sees itself as an interdisciplinary forum for those interested in the fields of the natural sciences, philosophy, culture and social sciences.

Our blog is now open to anyone who would like to make an appropriate contribution on the mentioned topics.

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Kurt Goedel circle of friends
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