The Jury 2021/2023 introduces itself

With the support of the University of Wuppertal,
the Kurt Gödel Circle of Friends Berlin presented the

Kurt Gödel Awards 2021/2023

These prizes have been awarded as part of an essay competition for the best answer to the question:
2021: “What does it mean for our world view if, according to Gödel,
we also assume the non-existence of time?”
2023: Does incompleteness in Gödel’s sense play a role in the relationship between
micro- and macrophysics, and if so, what consequences would that have?

The Jury introduces itself:

Prof. Dr. Christoph Benzmüller
Freie Universität Berlin
Department of Maths and Computer Science
Prof. Dr. Dr. Brigitte Falkenburg (i.R.)
Institute for Philosophy and Political
Science, Faculty 14, Technische Universität Dortmund
PD Dr. Oliver Passon
Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Working Group physics and physics education